how to remove the virus I-Worm/Bugbear.C

Sunday, October 12, 2008
Posted by eLsYu


Download the remover rmbugbear.exe and run it on infected computer. Then restart your PC normally and run the AVG Complete Test.

If the infected computer is connected to LAN, it is neccessary to disconnect this computer from LAN before removing the virus and re-establish the connection in the moment when ALL computers in LAN are cleaned.

If you are using Windows ME or Windows XP operating systems, there might be a problem in removing infected files from the _Restore folder (Windows ME) or System Volume Information folder (Windows XP). For the correct removal of these infected files, it is necessary to disable the system restore function.


Download program pembersih virus rmbugbear.exe dan jalankan di komputer yang terjangkit virus. Lalu restart dan jalankan AVG Complete Test.

Jika komputer diterjangkit virus terhubungan dengan jaringan LAN, maka putuskan hubungan dengan jaringan LAN terlebih dahulu sebelum anda memulai menghilangkan virus dan kemudian sambungkan lagi pada jaringan LAN jika sudah benar-benar bersih dari virus

Catatan: Jika anda menggunakan Wimdows ME atau Windows XP, mungkin terdapat masalah dalam menghilangkan file-file yang terinfeksi virus Folder Restore(Windows ME) atau Folder Sistem Informasi Volume (Windows XP).Untuk memudahkan dalam penghapusan virus, maka anda perlu mematikan terlebih dahulu system restore di computer anda.